Past Performance

Performance Name
Event Date
Christmas Concert December 2007
Many well known Christmas tunes everyone knows, including the North American premiere of 12th Night by Wagenaar, and a sing along of the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah by Handel.


Fall Concert October 2007
Choral symphonic music and orchestral music for the season. Patrons exclaimed it to be the finest concert they have ever attended. Music by Glazunov, Shostakovich, and Mack Wilberg hi-lighted the performances along with a multi-medea presentation.


2004 Fall Concert of Sacred Music October 24th, 31st,  2004
Well known spectacular music and sacred music.


2004 Patriotic Concert June 25th -26th,     2004
The “Land of Promise” is a musical adapted from the musical “The Spirit of Liberty”.  This performance is a concert musical rendition of the musical. This is a musical about the price and cost of freedom.  It depicts various events in history leading up to the establishment of America through today.


2004 The Messiah, Another Testament April 16th – 17th,      2004
The Book of Mormon pageant performed by the Alleluia Chorus and orchestra with the drama department of the Meridian Mountian View High School.


2003 Christmas Concert December 20th,      2003
This concert was performed in conjunction with the Boise Idaho Mission Christmas Devotional.


2003 The Messiah, Another Testament March 27 – 29th,       2003
A Book of Mormon pageant performed at the 2000 seat Morrison Center. Performed by the Alleluia Chorus and orchestra with members from the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra.